75 years ago the Battle of Stalingrad was won

Red Soviet flag over the liberated Stalingrad. February 1943.

The 2nd of  February happens to be the 75th anniversary of  the great victory of Soviet people over Nazi Germans and their allies during the Stalingrad battle. On this day, the 2nd of February 1943, the ‘Koltso’ (‘Ring’, in Russian) operation was successfully completed.

Встреча бойцов 21-й и 62-й армии на северо-западных склонах Мамаева кургана. 26.01.1943 г.

Meeting of fighters of the 21st and 62nd Army on the north-western slopes of the Mamayev Kurgan. 01/26/1943

Several months before, on the 13th of September 1942, during the Battle of Stalingrad my grandfather was severely injured. He was a commander of a strike intelligence group of the 38 Motorized Brigade.  Luckily, he has survived. And till the end of his life, every year he came back to Stalingrad to commemorate.

The ‘Ring’ operation has put and end to the the defeat of the Hitlerite grouping at Stalingrad, thus completing the Battle of Stalingrad. Soviet Union lost 1 129 619 people in the Battle of Stalingrad, while Germans and their allies (Hungary, Italy, Romania, Croatia) have lost about 1 500 000.

Glory to our Soviet soldiers who conquered us life and freedom!

With the Saints give rest, O Christ, to the souls of Thy servants, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no sighing, but everlasting life .

Медаль «За оборону Сталинграда».

Medal ‘For the Defence of Stalingrad’.

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